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education - the global driving force for skills and development.

Education Day for the world’s best skills and vocational training.


Turku, Finland


Big trends in skill and vocational training ? Teaching the teachers – training the trainers. Secrets of international cooperation in TVET sector? Globally known Finnish experience supportin skills and vocational training in developing countries? All that and much more on stage in Turku, the biggest city of education in Finland. Let’s look at the future of skills!


See you soon in Turku – city where nowadays world-known Finnish education all started – please follows us for updates on timing and venue!


Education Day.

world without education and right skills?

It is easy to say: without education we don’t have anything. And without the right skills we are not able to do  anything. Whether you talk about business, leadership, building houses, doing research, taking care of patients, driving a truck or flying the planes, it is the education bringing  the right skills that counts.

Education Day is for education only with a special focus on TVET, technical and vocational education – building cooperation between Finland and developing countries globally. We are bringing the best international experts to talk especially about two things. Skill and vocational training to ensure that the best skilled workforce is available globally over the next decades and beyond – international collaboration, industry needs and future requirements globally. And let’s not forget teaching the teachers and training the trainers – the core of every step of development globally right now!

Finnish education has been recognized as one of the best in the world for years and its time to spread the knowledge and experience globally. We are taking the best brains and experts to meet, talk and think about the next moves and trends to Turku, the birth place of education in Finland.

Turku is the biggest city of students of Finland and the first university was established in Turku (Åbo in Swedish) in 1640, back then it was the third university of Sweden and the first one established in the Finnish side. Nowadays Turku is the home of two universities and four universities of applied sciences, one of the biggest vocational institutes in the country and total 40,000.students. 

Welcome to join the Education Day.


Next trends?

Time to put focus on Skill & Vocation Training.

What is happening next in the world of skills? Are we seeing a new trend of teaching our children in this digital world? What is happening  with the teachers and trainers skills? Who can see the change? Where the workforce is needed and what they should know? Who will train and tech them and where?

There is a huge global need for skilled professionals but how to provide the best and most modern skills to our youth in the 2020s or beyond? What will be the requirements from businesses and industries, what happens with the old skills and who is the winner to get the best skilled workforce to work with them and where?

All that and much more will be discussed on the stage and in round tables during the Education Day in Turku –  Let’s look at the Future of Education!




Vocational and skill training today and tomorrow  – what are the trends, challenges and opportunities we might see in the next 10-20 years.
We know there will be a lot changes for sure but how we educationists can see those changes already now and to be able to tune the structures to match those?
That’s what we are talking about in Turku!



education for the right skills.


Let’s focus on Skills, Vocational and Technical Training!

Skills of Future

What are the skills of future? And especially when we are getting back on tracks in the post-COVID19 world. Youth of the world needs to trained with skills of future, not for past. World is getting more and more linked to technology and whether we are training more traditional professions like plummers or builders, the change is there to happen.


The change in skills is phenomenal and is not getting easier in the future either. Simultaneously there is a huge need for new skills knowing the latest and coming technology but also lack of more old fashioned skilled workers like plumbers or electricians. How the vocational training can match the changes of demand in the future?

Time for Global collaboration

What the next roaring twenties mean for skills and where that skilled workforce is heading? Who knows what are the new skills and what is happening with the people with old skills, who updates those? Is is time for close deep collaboration between Governments and Vocational and Skills training educanionists around the world? It is clear that today’s even globally changing labour market poses huge challenges to education, businesses and leaders and it is not always easy or even possible for education sector to tailor skills to perfectly match the labour market needs.

What industries have to say

How the representatives of various businesses and industries see today’s TVET education and their needs when recruiting new people? Is there a gap or enough communication between the private and public sectors looking for new talent and employees and the educational sector training and creating the knowledge? Can we find the solution e.g. from modern apprenticeship programs or is the new work-based learning the way to accelerate transition from education to employment?

Education Day in a nutshell.


More details coming shortly.

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